One of the hottest trends in fashion right now is the baddie outfits, which can be attributed to social media. This attitude-driven look got its start on Instagram. These girls have a passion of beauty with a high fashion twist, making them laid back and chill.

You may easily recreate these looks for an impromptu picture for your newsfeed or for a dinner date with pals. It all comes down to how you carry yourself in this manner; confidence is essential. Set the trends with these streetwear-inspired, high-fashion looks that are all the popular girls are wearing right now.

What Is The Aesthetic Of The Baddie Outfits?

One of the hottest trends at the moment is the Baddie look. It all started on Instagram and includes chunky sneakers, big sweatshirts, and soft pastel colors. Strong cosmetics combined with a sporty twist give each ensemble a polished and carefree vibe.

This look features a mix and match of layers, so you may wear an oversized top and cycling shorts to stretch your silhouette and show off your legs. From summer to winter, you may wear this up or down and look like the coolest person on Instagram.

Baddie Outfits

1. Tracksuits

With a slouchy and sleek design, the basic tracksuit has been transformed. A monochromatic color or pattern for the oversized sweatshirt and pants set will lengthen your silhouette and bring the entire ensemble together. Neon green, baby pink, and vivid patterns like calligraphy or flames are popular hues. You’ll feel cool and comfortable all day long if you wear them with stacked necklaces, clunky sneakers, and a beanie.

2. Caps with buckets – Baddie Outfits

The bucket hat is back and bigger than ever—it’s a divisive fashion statement. You’ll look amazing paired with sweatpants and a crop top or an oversized T-shirt and cycling shorts. Pick a simple design in a striking hue or something with a striking print; a neon color or a plaid a la Burberry will stand out. An everyday outfit can be made more interesting by combining different patterns and colors, and you can use the accessories all year round.


3. Minimalist Leggings

The cycling short, a mainstay of the baddie style and a favorite among fashionistas for years, is one of the hottest trends both on and off the runway. Choose short leggings and an oversized T-shirt that falls at the top of the thigh to sport this style.

A pair of chunky sneakers and pulled-up socks would finish the look. Wear a boyfriend blazer that is the same length as the top for a date night or a day spent by yourself. This has so many different ways to tone it down or dress it up, giving it a sports vibe with a stylish edge.

4. Pink Barbie

Come out of your doll shell and embrace your Barbie pink side. This style is the ideal approach to combine a sporty edge with feminine beauty. Choose an all-pink tracksuit and an oversized jumper or crop top to complete this ensemble. To enhance the monotone appearance, add adorable accessories like sunglasses or a bucket hat in a complementary color; use a deeper shade to give perspective. Try this and you’ll look like a Bratz doll in no time.

5. Bulky Sneakers

Wearing a pair of clunky sneakers will balance out your ensemble and give you a little more height. It’s understandable why the baddie look is so popular right now. With practically every ensemble, these shoes are simple to dress and instantly give off a sporty, new vibe.

Match it with a crop top and tracksuit bottoms or a miniskirt and trench coat—the combinations are countless and appropriate for a variety of settings. The ideal shade to choose is one that goes well with other outfits and is neutral. One of the most common colors for this look is white, which adds just the right amount of pop to any baddie outfit.

6. Baggy T-Shirts – Baddie Outfits

This is a wardrobe essential that every badass needs, as it is both comfortable and incredibly gorgeous. An easy piece of clothing that can instantly elevate your look is the large T-shirt. You have the freedom to select a hue or pattern that appeals to you. Vibrant tones like lilac, cherry red, and green are hot right now, but a black shirt always looks good. You can dress it up or down with ripped jeans, cycling shorts, or a miniskirt. Look put together with combat boots or chunky sneakers.

7. Tracksuit pants and crop tops

Wearing tracksuit trousers and a crop top can help you to sculpt an hourglass figure and be incredibly cozy. Choose slightly oversized sweatpants and pull them up to the narrowest point of your waist to get the appearance. You can wear it exactly as it is or add an enormous jacket to keep your shoulders warm, depending on the outside climate. Try the ensemble in monochromes, like pure white, baby pink, or a variety of greens, for a sense that is more on-trend. When paired with jeans in a complementary color, a printed T-shirt is a charming way to add personality. Chunky sneakers go well with this ensemble since they lengthen the kegs.

8. Vibrant, colorful accessories

Very adorable accessories are a must-have for anyone who wants to channel the baddie vibe. Since the focus of this look is on vivid and lovely splashes of color, you may wear all black or a neutral tone and still look put together. During the warmer months, pastel hair clips and jewelry or yellow sunglasses are great choices; a colorful bucket hat is a year-round accessory. To amp up the athletic vibe, wear a belted bag over your waist or chest. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright colors like lime or lemon. These modest embellishments will help you transform the look even if the rest of your outfit is basic.

9. Tears in Jeans – Baddie Outfits

Whatever your preferred aesthetic, you should always keep a basic pair of torn jeans in your wardrobe. This fundamental item, which is both classic and rebellious, works well for any event and complements the baddie appearance. For a more relaxed vibe, pair the oversized denim with an oversized T-shirt or a crop top and puffer jacket. You can also draw attention to your hourglass figure by wearing mom jeans.

10. Neon with Checks

The hottest look for a badass is bright, lovely colors. This bright outfit is simple to make and looks amazing on everyone, whether you’re hanging out with pals or posing for Instagram or Tiktok. Tops, bottoms, and skirts in fluro and checkered styles can be mixed and matched. For a more relaxed vibe, pair the bold designs with block colors like black and white. For a streetwear look, add combat boots or chunky sneakers.

FAQs About Baddie Outfits


What Is Meaning Of Baddie Outfits?

A baddie outfits is a fashion trend that started on Instagram and is mostly connected to women. It combines sporty streetwear with makeup trends influenced by Instagram. Baddies are hip, trend-setters, and have a laid-back demeanor.

How You Can Be A Baddie Outfits?

The key to becoming a baddie is attitude. Although this aesthetic is linked to a certain style, it really comes down to personal preference. Baddies typically dress in athletic attire, like baggy pants, T-shirts, and chunky sneakers.

They also incorporate the newest styles into their ensemble, such as bucket hats, big jackets, and cycling shorts. On the other hand, the wearer can be a badass if they exude confidence and adopt a carefree demeanor.

How Can I Dress Like A Baddie?

The baddie outfits aesthetic is associated with particular styles. Baddies usually dress in a combination of streetwear and the newest styles. Bike shorts, clunky white shoes, and hoodies are common baddie outfits. For best impact, mix and match neon colors, pastel pink, and neutral tones.

Being a baddie is all about attitude, even though attire plays a significant role in the overall image. The secret to seeming and acting like a badass is confidence.

What Are Basic Baddie Outfits?

Bratz-inspired apparel and streetwear make up the majority of baddie ensembles. Wearing high waistline tracksuit trousers and a crop top, together with big, chunky sneakers and a baguette bag, can help you cinch in your waist and lengthen your legs.

The wearer seems crisp and doll-like, exuding a trendy yet carefree vibe. Don’t be afraid to mix and match vibrant colors and add adorable hair accessories like bucket hats or clips.

How Do You Dress Baddie For School?


Depending on your school’s clothing policy, you can seem badass at school. Choose an oversized T-shirt and sweatpants, along with clunky sneakers and a bucket cap, for casual ensembles. If you’re wearing a uniform, consider wearing an oversized sweater in place of your jumper and try matching it with chunky white sneakers to channel the bad guy look.

Popular baddie dress options include crop tops and bicycle shorts, but make sure to confirm your uniform rules first.