At times, it seems as though there is a clothing brand everywhere. It appears out of nowhere to be the subject of every social media advertisement, influencer, and online publication. You can’t always determine if something is good or bad, even if it appears amazing on your favorite Instagram user. Over the past year, Quince Clothing has seemed to follow me over the internet, so I was curious to see if the hype was actually justified.

I also wanted to know if clothes from Quince clothing would fit my 40-something soft-curvy physique, which is medium (size 12/14). Since many sustainable fashion firms seem to cater primarily to specific body types—bodies that aren’t mine—I’ve been burned by them.

Quince clothing provides affordable, eco-friendly “luxury” that is trendy at unbeatable costs. We’re talking washable silk skirts for $50, Italian leather handbags for under $120, cashmere jumpers for $40, and 15K gold hoops for less than $110. Additionally, Quince just started carrying plus sizes—also known as extended sizes—up to 3X. You are aware of my skepticism toward all brands, particularly when they appear to be everywhere at once, so I performed some research.

Quince Clothing Review

Quince clothing contacted me as I was writing this review, asking if I would like to try on any of their clothes and accessories without my having to ask. Happy with my purchase, I ordered the three items I had intended to buy myself: the 100% Washable Silk Skirt in Navy (size XL), the Italian Leather Convertible Crescent Shoulder Bag in Taupe, and the Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater in Navy (size XL), which I had suggested in my post on how to get Jennifer Lawrence’s crossbody bag look for less money.

I encouraged members of the Wardrobe Oxygen Community on Facebook to share their Quince clothing shopping experiences and announced that I would be reviewing Quince attire. This Quince clothing review will be peppered with their comments. Their opinions, in my opinion, would offer a more fair assessment. You can also hear from people with various body types, ages, lifestyles, and clothing requirements.

I discuss my experience with Quince’s cashmere sweater, washable silk skirt, and leather purse below. I go into detail about Quince clothing apparel, what sets it apart, and whether or not I think Quince clothing is a sustainable fashion brand.

An analysis of Quince Cashmere

My typical size in well-known mall brands is XL. J. Crew, Boden, Everlane, Madewell, Halogen, and Gap That is the size I select when purchasing a basic t-shirt or sweater from these stores. Size charts can occasionally be wrong, so I look at them but estimate instead. So I requested Quince clothing for the Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater in size XL.

The XL sweater fits my delicate, curvaceous, size 12/14 frame rather well. To be honest, I believe I could get a trimmer fit by sizing down to a L without it being too small or tight. This is consistent with reports I’ve seen about Quince clothing online and in the Wardrobe Oxygen Community: the shirts and blouses fit more snugly, while the sweaters fit more roomily and comfortably.

Quince clothing review is compactible in quality to department store labels such as Halogen at Nordstrom and Charter Club at Macy’s. It is not nearly as high as labels like Jenni Kayne, nor is it as finely woven as Lands’ End, nor is it as thick as Talbots or Nadaam. Though not as luxurious as Italic, the cashmere is smooth and seems more upscale than Uniqlo.

I discovered that the sweater pilled beneath my arms, which is typical with cashmere, especially cheaper varieties. Since I have a propensity of pushing the sleeves of her sweaters up against my forearms, I discovered that the Quince clothing cashmere sweater cuffs were stretched and did not recover. The sleeves became too slack to stay pushed up as the day went on. The image above shows the outcomes.

Nevertheless, compared to Halogen, which ages so rapidly that exposed patches may appear after multiple uses, this cashmere crewneck sweater has held up better. This reminds me most of my cashmere sweaters from C by Bloomingdale’s and my Charter Club. Quince clothing is year-round, so I acquired both of them during a seasonal sale at around the same cost.

I haven’t washed my Quince clothing sweater yet, but after reading reviews from many of you who mentioned that you are on your second, third, or fourth winter wearing your Quince clothing sweaters and that you take care of them by hand washing, dry cleaning, using a lingerie bag, and using the gentle cycle on your machine, I’m feeling optimistic about how it will turn out. Some claim it slightly shrinks.

Quince Clothing Review On Washable Silk

The washable silk from Quince clothing piqued my interest in particular. I have a few washable silk pieces from M-LaFleur, including a midi-length silk skirt that reminded me so much of Quince’s that I changed my fall getaway capsule wardrobe this year to include Quince clothing instead of M-LaFleur. The washable silk from M-LaFleur features a delicate crepe finish.

Quince clothing

My pieces appear brand new since I’ve repeatedly washed them on the gentle cycle, let them air dry, and then steam-cleaned them. I was curious to know how Quince’s 100% Washable Silk line stacked up. I tried Quince’s 100% Washable Silk Skirt (the plus-sized version may be found here).

Quince clothing washable silk has a more conventional appearance. It feels silky and has a dazzling sheen. It’s not thick; I think a lighter color could be too sheer for me, at least for a dress or skirt. However, it appears quite elegant and lovely.

It does wrinkle easily; before going in the car and driving for fifteen minutes, I had steam-ironed the skirt for these pictures. Nevertheless, I still believe it looks good, and I appreciated that the silk didn’t bag or stretch out.]

This washable silk skirt with an elasticized pull-on waistline. Compared to several bias-cut and shaped silk and similar slip skirts I have tried over the previous two years, this gives the skirt a straighter cut. This could be better or worse, depending on your demands and shape.

It’s great for me because I have gentle curves in my tummy and back. The XL felt comfy around my stomach, back, and hips, but the waist was large, and the skirt did ride up. I am accustomed to this happening with skirts because I am a “apple” shape.

Evaluation of Quince Clothing Leather Products

As I was finishing up my assessment of Quince apparel, I noticed my sister had acquired a stunning new black leather bag. It was a very attractive Italian Leather Convertible Crescent Shoulder Bag. The hardware was substantial, neither overly glossy nor overly matte.

Quince Clothing
Quince Clothing

The adjustable crossbody strap was not overly thick, but it was strong enough to support weight, and the shoulder strap was wide enough to stay in place. The leather also had a luxurious appearance. I adored that it was fashionable and current without being overly associated with a particular designer or trend that would go out of style in a year or two.

I requested the same bag in taupe when I ordered my gifts from Quince clothing because I thought it would be easier to see the details in the review images and so my sister and I wouldn’t unintentionally pick each other’s bags up at an event. However, her black bag is so elegant that I can’t stop staring at it. I often style outfits wishing I had her exact bag.

On the other hand, the taupe is a stunning cool taupe that appears upscale and goes well with the gold hardware. In addition to being more resilient to normal wear and tear than smooth leather of the same weight, the leather is buttery soft yet has a pebbled surface that gives it an upscale appearance. The same exact hue cotton twill is used to line the bag. There are two pouch-style pockets and a zippered pocket inside. The gold zippers blend in well with the hardware and bag’s hue.

With the clip design, both straps may be taken off. There are five holes on the crossbody strap where you can adjust the buckle. With hardware, the crossbody strap is 38 inches. Strong hardware and tonal stitching adorn the straps. Sturdy leather pulls are on the zippers. It is brushed gold, not antiqued. Since it is a pouch-style bag, it lacks feet to protect it from surfaces and a genuine bottom by design.

I’m really impressed with this bag, especially when I compare it to comparable leather bags from eco-friendly brands like (Prada , Bottega veneta and Demelliar etc ) :

1: I received a couple of leather bags from a well-known sustainable leather business in the United States earlier this year, and they were okay. The bags lacked lining, the leather was extremely rigid, the zippers were uneven, and in the event that there were pockets inside, they were made of the same durable leather without a zipper.

Each bag had noticeable imperfections in the stitching and edges, and the hardware was aged. Though it has a longer crossbody strap, the most similar bag in Quince’s line costs $118 and lacks internal compartments. Nevertheless, I liked the brand’s ethics, sustainability, and transparency.

2: Another well-known sustainable fashion firm that sells leather goods sent me a leather tote as well. Similar to numerous other companies in recent years, they provide a sizable, hardware-free tote that is suitable for carrying as a carry-on bag for flights, your everyday purse, or your laptop in a neoprene sleeve.

The leather of the bag is soft and thick, however the inside pouch pocket is so shallow that my phone falls out of it, the exterior gets scratched very easily, and the lining sheds a lot. Although I understand that the trend of eschewing hardware is not new, I find it odd that the bag lacks a zipper to keep contents inside and no feet to shield it from surfaces.Its price is 150$.

3: The same business that handed me the tote also makes a leather crossbody bag, which my buddy owns. It costs about $180 at retail and is somewhat smaller than the Quince bag. The hardware is smaller and less substantial/heavy, the leather is stiffer, and the stitching is more noticeable.

The zippers on the bag are not the same color as the leather, and it is not lined. Although it is a great, casual day bag, nobody would think it was elegant or classic from the outside.

The Quince Italian Leather Convertible Crescent Shoulder Bag bears a striking resemblance to a crescent bag offered by a contemporary smaller designer, whose products are available online, in department stores, and boutiques.

Her bag is available in a variety of leather colors and weaved leather patterns for slightly less than $400. This summer, I ordered one of those bags, but I had to return it because I didn’t think the quality was up to par for the price. It’s not a bias towards this company because I possess several bags from this designer that I think are worth the price.

Although this Quince clothing bag looks a lot like the fancy purse, isn’t that right? It’s Quince’s that I prefer. I like how the interior has a more upscale appearance because it is tonally matching rather than chambray. Additionally, the Quince bag features internal pockets, unlike the designer bag.

The designer bag is one length, but the Quince bag has an adjustable crossbody strap. In addition, the hardware on the Quince bag feels more robust, and the strap clips are the kind that, in my experience, hold up better with repeated usage.

Sturdy, timeless pieces are, in my opinion, a key component of sustainability. If a bag isn’t practical or fashionable enough for you to want to keep it in your closet for its whole long life, it doesn’t matter if it was made by well-paid women in safe and encouraging factories using locally sourced leather from cows who were given the best care possible, natural plant dyes and deadstock linings, hardware made from recycled metals, or shipped in packaging made of recycled paper.

And because it looks luxurious, is made of sturdy materials, is functionally built, and isn’t overly tied to a particular trend or season, I can imagine myself using this Quince leather handbag not just this year but also the year after that and even 10 years from now.

With the money saved on this bag, you could alter it up with a gold chain strap, a fun acrylic or pearl link strap, a braided rhinestone strap, or a cotton strap in a variety of prints, colors, and lengths. I could simply switch up the straps to suit trends and needs.


Quince Clothing : What Is It?

I enjoy learning more about the individuals that run the fashion brands I highlight on Wardrobe Oxygen, so looking into Quince apparel was fascinating. Sid Gupta was a finance professional who entered the field of private equity. He moved from the West Coast to the Midwest after learning about a failing candy chain there and trying to turn it around.

Quince Clothing

And he did; in only four years, Gupta grew it to be a $50 million company. The confectionery company expanded from 11 to over 90 sites nationwide and is still going strong today (Gupta sold his controlling ownership).

While traveling, Gupta and his spouse were laying in a hotel bed and started comparing the quality of the linens to their own. With Gupta’s background in supply chain management and his wife’s knowledge of technology, they made the decision to launch an online business that focused on the supply chain and developed a cutting-edge factory-to-customer system to provide luxury goods at a lower cost.

Since its founding in 2018, the most of Quince clothing employees have been in the technology sector. Quince clothing  provides elegant yet understated apparel and home goods that are ageless and are continuously inventing behind the scenes in order to maintain affordable rates, quick shipping, and satisfied consumers.

How Can Quince Clothing Maintain Such Low Prices?

Quince made the decision to have fewer classic pieces that were devoid of patterns and frills, in contrast to many businesses that prioritize the continuous creation of new skus and goods. The intention was to streamline the design and manufacturing process while simultaneously producing pieces that would outlive trends and endure longer in consumers’ wardrobes.

Because of this combination, their company was able to provide products of the same quality as more expensive brands at a 50% savings.

Rather than starting from scratch with a single plant, Quince clothing collaborates with over 60 manufacturers worldwide that already possess the resources and expertise needed to produce the goods they offer. Once more, this is an economical strategy that helps to explain Quince’s seemingly too-good-to-be-true prices.

Quince clothing breaks out the precise costs to make each item on its product page in order to provide a true explanation of the price. Everything is included so you can see how much Quince profits on the sale and how much a similar item from another merchant would cost. This includes credit card costs and supplies.

Quince: What Makes It a Sustainable Fashion Brand?

Quince was founded in 2018 with the intention of providing high-quality cotton clothing for female consumers. Quince aimed to reduce waste by producing high-quality, long-lasting items that could be stored in a closet for an extended period of time, in contrast to the quick fashion trend.

To cut down on deadstock, Quince’s manufacturers produce goods in small quantities. They use every bit of textile in their zero-waste factories. Quince remained committed to using recycled and environmentally friendly raw materials and dyes even as the business expanded to provide a wider range of goods. Quince shipping minimizes wasteful transportation and carbon emissions by shipping straight from the factory, as opposed to a warehouse.

Quince pays its factory workers fairly and conducts routine audits to make sure they uphold the company’s moral and environmental standards. Details on the location of the factory that makes each product and the sustainability of the textile or textiles used are available on each product page.

Does Quince Clothing Provide Sizes in Plus?

I knew going into writing my Quince clothes review that I might not be able to fit into the brand’s whole women’s clothing collection because I am a size 14/16. Although the size chart looked to fit my physique, Wardrobe Oxygen Community reviews revealed that Quince clothing frequently ran narrow and small.

Additionally, I’ve already tried buying eco-friendly clothing labels that appeared to match my figure according to size charts, but the style and form didn’t complement my soft, curvaceous, over-40 physique.

But just recently, Quince started to sell a few things in 1X–3X in what they refer to as expanded size. I’m not sure if Quince grades up from their original pattern and size range or if they utilize a different plus pattern.

Though the same products are available in Misses sizes, the Quince Extended Size collection is housed on a different section of the website with unique links and a separate size chart, which I have included above.

Quince provides over 100 styles in their Misses collection and 10 in their Extended Size line as of the time this Quince apparel review was published. Furthermore, the over 100 figure does not include maternity, pajamas, or non-apparel items like wraps, gloves, and accessories.

Quince Ultra Stretch Ponte Straight Leg Pent

For the time being, I overlook Quince’s restricted extended size range. It seems like they might be experimenting with fits and styles before adding more parts. The “fat tax” associated with the lengthier pieces costing more than their shorter equivalents, however, is what is annoying.

Quince Clothing

The extended size collection has a somewhat less variety of colors and, where relevant, inseam options, in addition to being $10 more overall (their $50 cashmere crew is $9.50 more).

After years of requests, Quince did finally start selling an enlarged size range, so I won’t be too harsh at this point. After a year, I’ll reread this Quince clothing review to check whether more styles, colors, and inseams have been added to the extended size assortment.

Concluding Remarks on Quince Clothing

Nothing lasts more than a season, or perhaps a year or two, if you discard it. Regardless of the methods used in production, an item is just as harmful as rapid fashion if it becomes useless after frequent use. You’re probably going to have to replace it even if it continues to be in good enough condition to resale.

Furthermore, even if you replace it with resale, the person selling it is probably purchasing something else, which contributes to the problem of excessive consumption.

It’s possible that Quince is employing some greenwashing to differentiate itself from rivals. It might have an excellent marketing team that spreads the word and employs fancy terminology to lull people into purchasing their stuff at night.

Beyond that, though, Quince is really producing what I believe a lot of us have been waiting for. Well-made, long-lasting, fashionable accessories and clothes that are not overly trendy can be found in our closets.

I’m glad Quince is joining the extended-size market even as other brands are discreetly closing their plus divisions. Everyone should be able to afford luxurious, well-made clothing that is ethically produced, and it makes sense from a commercial perspective.

I’m interested in knowing from people who have tried Quince plus size clothing how it fits and what their thoughts are. Quince’s plan to expand the range of plus size styles, colors, and inseams excites me.

I’ve been motivated to shop at Quince going forward by this experience. If you have shopped at Quince, I’m interested in hearing your opinions. Share your thoughts—positive, negative, and constructive—in the comments section so that we may all become more knowledgeable shoppers.

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