Everything You Need to Get Inspired for Tattoos

Everything You Need to Get Inspired for Tattoos

There are a ton of tattoo alternatives available, and the options get even more if and when you choose to create your own design. With 2021 quickly approaching, consider using the new year as an opportunity to get the tattoo you’ve always wanted, update an outdated design you’ve outgrown, or try out a different tattoo artist.

Why not just go for it? There are so many tattoo-related opportunities waiting for you on the other side of January 1st. Here is all the tattoo inspiration you need to proudly enter your next era with some new ink, whether your goal is to get that fashionable tattoo you saw on Instagram or, at last, match your significant other’s ink.

Finger Tattoo

In the new year, why not give something new a go with your ink? Think of getting geometric patterns or more detailed, minute details tattooed on your fingers. Furthermore, if necessary, you can always conceal them with rings.

Snake Tattoo

If you want to add some flair to your collection of tattoos, you might think about having one of the trendy snake designs that are really popular among inkers. An otherwise rather static design can benefit greatly from the movement and depth that a snake armband can provide.

Floral Bottle Tattoo

Linework body patterns are a popular option if you enjoy flowers but want to add something more personal. Here, to make it feel even more personalized, the artist additionally added the words “Watch me as I grow” beneath the ink.

Elephant Tattoo

Big, bold tattoos make just as much of an impression as tiny, simple ones! Despite being hidden down in the inner elbow, this little elephant tat stands out thanks to its quirky design and simple line work.

Hand Tattoo

Consider getting a second tattoo of the same design in a different color if you like a well-known hand design and want to make it more unique. The ink takes on a three-dimensional appearance as the red stands out against the black while remaining discernible on its own.

Globe Tattoo

If you’re a globetrotter, think about getting a tattoo that expresses your desire to travel. The apparently straightforward globe is given a whimsical flair with a paper airplane and sharp dot details.

Cherry Tattoo

This watercolor design of cherry blossoms is the ideal balance of realism and watercolor design if you’d rather use more colors and less dark linework. It has a delicate sensation due to the pastel colors, but its realistic design is enhanced by the fine outlines and shading.

Still Life Tattoo

Another popular trend is still-life tattoos, and this is a fantastic example of a straightforward yet eye-catching still-life. The tattoo has a hand-drawn appearance thanks to the shading scribbles, and the negative space allows it to breathe without being overly huge or dispersed.

Butterfly Tattoo

Although butterflies are a popular tattoo subject these days, you can really personalize your butterfly tattoo by pairing it with a particular design element. Here, the butterfly has a strong, realistic sense that makes it stand out thanks to the extensive use of blackwork.

Flames Tattoo

Flames are always an excellent choice when looking for something straightforward that has a big effect. This pattern gives the wavy fire even more movement by arranging the flames in an armband.

Scorpion Tattoo

Whether you’re a Scorpio or just like spooky stuff, scorpions make for striking and impactful design elements. This one is really simple overall, so what makes it stand out is the precise line work.

Pansy Tattoo

If you adore the flowers or simply want to express your affection for their design, consider getting a basic line work tattoo in the shape of a pansy flower, which is a symbol for love. It’s clear from the abstract shapes employed in the design that it’s a simplified rendition of a more intricate one.

Heart Tattoo

The anatomical heart serves as the inspiration for this ink’s design, which is given a realistic sense by the shading and vein details. The moon’s phases are also reflected in this design.

Paper Airplane Tattoo

A paper aircraft is a fun tattoo design if you’re the type of person who can’t stop moving, whether it means you’re always traveling or always exploring. Because of its straightforward design, you may easily duplicate and customize it anywhere you choose.

Bow Tattoo

Don’t let anyone forget that you’re a gift by getting this bow tattoo. The pale pink color of the bow contrasts sharply with the heavy black outline, yet the slightly darker pink shading manages to provide depth.

Ear Tattoo

Another new trend in the tattoo industry is ear tattoos, which are a terrific option for anyone looking for something simple and personal. In/on-ear tattoos are usually quite simple due to the restricted space, such as this design with two curling lines and a single central link.

Behind The Ear Tattoo

Sometimes getting a tattoo is all about permanently showing your affection for something. The back of the ear is a terrific area to put something modest but meaningful because it’s interesting and intimate at the same time.

Moon Tattoo

Everyone who loves the moon, including witches and space enthusiasts, would look great with a moon tattoo. Its crimson, thin-lined design is striking because of its color, simplicity, and subtle facial characteristics.