At the moment, the fashion industry is dominated by the baddie look, as flawlessly attired celebrities project their self-assured persona on social media. Baddie divas embrace their curves and work hard to get the perfect look with accessories that draw attention, impeccable hair and makeup, and high-end streetwear apparel. It’s understandable that you’re in awe of these incredibly fashionable women, and we want to make sure you know all the insider tips for turning into a badass.


Who originally created the baddi aesthetic? Kylie Jenner, the original villain, deserves all the glory. Her striking makeover, complete with plumped lips, a curvaceous body, and voguish clothing, motivated women to ace the same stylish looks. Concurrently, Kylie launched her beauty line, Kylie Cosmetics, which is widely recognized among women who craft edgy makeup looks.

The badie look quickly gained popularity on social media and sparked an enormous aesthetic frenzy that continues to this day.

Sneakers, tracksuits, and athletic joggers are staple pieces of sporty streetwear that are a major influence on the basics of baddi attire. The use of pastel colors, a combination of form-hugging and oversized clothing, and meticulous attention to manicures and brows are all key trends in the aesthetic.


The correct attitude has a big role in the aesthetic portrayal of baddis. It’s natural to believe that villains are uncivil and unfriendly given their name. Still, that is untrue. If you want to understand how to be persuasive for women’s emancipation, gain an unwavering sense of inner confidence, and act like a badass.

Baddi divas are confident in their identity and work to uplift other women as well as themselves. Despite fitting the mold of conventional beauty standards, they don’t use these standards to make assumptions about other individuals.

The bad guys on Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok all have an unwavering concentration on their objectives and a determined, carefree attitude that makes them even better. You’ll see that they speak to the person in front of them without feeling uncomfortable and that they handle everyone with confidence. 


There’s more to becoming an Insta Baddi than just getting ready and sharing pretty photos, if you’re looking for some quick “How to be a Baddie tips.” Use these pointers to imitate these stylish divas’ look:

  • Take care of yourself! Never skimp on general upkeep if you want to be the ultimate Instagram badass. Maintain good general hygiene, nail and hair care, and skin care.
  • Take on a confident demeanor that makes you incredibly appealing.
  • Create a badass wardrobe by mixing athletic basics, trendy streetwear pieces, matching accessories, and chic footwear, such as high-heeled boots and sneakers.
  • Get baddie makeover advice from well-known YouTube and TikTok makeup artists. (We include some fail-proof baddie makeup advice in a section below.)
  • Don’t be afraid to flaunt your curves. Adopt a self-assured style and dress in ways that highlight your best attributes.
  • Try out different looks in makeup and clothing, and stay current with fashionable aesthetic combinations that complement your persona. You could attempt the baddie subgenres—we’ll cover those in a moment.
  • Find out which hashtags help Instagram baddie material get more exposure. Put them beneath your captions to improve their visibility to a larger audience.

Make sure to create a visually appealing social media grid with captions that are pertinent and impressive bad guy looks.


The essential component of the real badie style is the inner confidence that comes out in any attire. Baddies provide a beautiful touch to any ensemble while prioritizing comfort. Because of this need for comfort, athletic apparel—like shoes and tracksuits—plays a significant role in the aesthetic.

You can’t depict baddi style, aside from clothing, until you learn how to maintain proper posture. When you are not slouching, everything appears much better, including your accessories, cosmetics, and dress. 

How To Seem Baddi in Public ?

It’s understandable if you want to follow in the footsteps of the most well-known influencers and celebrities who have embraced the baddy look. Making the switch to this cutting-edge style could seem like a million-dollar endeavor. But you can start feeling and looking like a real badass with a few pointers and techniques.

  1. Make an effort to develop better grooming practices so that you can achieve those perfect bad guy appearances more easily Instill a positive body image.
  2. The baddy style may be worn by anyone, slender or plus-sized, as long as they have a positive, self-assured mindset.
  3. To be ready to rock wherever you are, carry a mini makeup kit, mint gum, refreshing wipes, perfume, and a decent moisturizer with you.
  4. Use appropriate hair colors and pay close attention to your hairstyle.
  5. Do not oversized basic with a fitting item of apparel to create a badass ensemble. Wear a cropped, baggy biker jacket with a bodycon dress, for example. 


Investing in opulent and sophisticated baddie staples for your wardrobe is the ideal approach to go further into this distinct style. As your style evolves, add stylish pieces to your collection of go-to pieces in baddi style essentials for all seasons and looks.

Co-ords, or matching sets, are really popular in baddi fashion right now. Stylish tracksuits and bodysuits layered with jackets and worn with high waisted pants are also fashionable. In addition to these, the following is available:

Tops For Baddies

Baddies prefer to dress in stylish crop tops, on-trend smock tops, bandana tops, and off-the-shoulder blouses. Given how much baddie divas enjoy the color pink, baby pink tops are a must-have. For true baddie attire, try adding sheer tops that you can layer over fitted tanks or tube tops.

For the ultimate baddie babe, turtlenecks, front-tied blouses, and printed t-shirts are essential pieces for any wardrobe.

Maintain a couple hoodies, an oversized graphic t-shirt, thick pastel sweaters, and large flannels to pair with slim-fitting ribbed jeans among your oversized wardrobe pieces.

Bottom Wear: Jeans

Baddies favor donning a variety of high-waisted denim designs, such as cargo, ripped, boyfriend, and skinny jeans. Joggers and cargo trousers are also commonly worn with fashionable tops and coats. If in doubt, go with tracksuit bottoms and a nice shirt.

Leggings are a must-have item, especially the short ones, often known as cycling shorts. To achieve the desired effect, pair turtlenecks and sweaters with leggings and checkered skirts. The trendiest girls are frequently seen sporting flare pants, tight pants, or leggings made of imitation leather. Leather pants are another major trend in bottom wear for females.

Gowns for Baddi-diva

It’s common to see baddy females showing off their curves while wearing gowns that accentuate their femininity. These consist of large shirt dresses and bodycon dresses accessorized with boots and belts. Given their elegance and flair, jumpsuits are a huge favorite among baddies.

Baddie Outwears

With their cropped leather jackets, bomber jackets, varsity jackets, and denim jackets, baddis are masters at layering. Biker jackets, fur coats, and puffy coats complement baddis’ fashion sense. Try any of the Punk Leather Jackets from Leather Skin Shop’s collection for some creative styles.

Shoes For Baddies

The main footwear option for villains is brightly colored sneakers with thick soles. However, they also don pumps and sandals with rhinestone embellishments, combat boots, stilettos, ankle boots, and high boots. 



Because it’s all in the details, an aesthetic is greatly influenced by the accessories used with the clothes. These are the accessories that baddi divas adore using to accessorize their looks.

  1. Jewelry covered in sparkling stones, particularly rhinestones. A significant component of the opulent baddy subculture that top celebrities adhere to is diamond jewelry.
  2. Gold accessories Watches
  3. hoops for earrings
  4. phone covers with embellishments
  5. stoles made of fur
  6. scarves made of silk
  7. Crossbody bags, clutches, and beaded handbags
  8. hats for baseball
  9. Hats in the shape of buckets
  10. Beans
  11. Shades of cat eyes
  12. rhinestone-studded hair accessories
  13. sunglasses covered in rubies


These stylish women’s makeup looks play a big part in the baddi look. With characteristics like flawlessly applied foundation, arched brows, an abundance of shimmering highlighter, and fake lashes, they aim for perfection.

Perfect makeup is the result of careful attention to hair, skin, and nail care.

Hairstyles include high ponytails, lush soft curls, and braids.


The baddi look is simple since these fashionable ladies have clear objectives in mind as they get ready. They put together outfits based on a few tips from baddies that are as follows:

  • Clothing that enhances an hourglass shape should not be avoided. Invest in shapewear if you’re nervous so you can confidently dress your baddie ensembles.
  • Combine loose and tight clothing, like sweaters or giant t-shirts, with fitted jeans to create a cohesive ensemble.
  • Co-ords are a hot trend for creating the ultimate badass appearance. Choose sweaters and jogging trousers or complementing tops and skirts.
  • When assembling ensembles in accordance with the newest fashion trends, patterns and prints might be your style secret weapons.
  • To create fashion-forward combinations, choose neons, shimmering hues, and pastels—especially baby pink and purple.
  • Skirts, slacks, and jeans with a high waist are great ways to draw attention to your well-defined waist.
  • Add a sporty touch to your ensembles by pairing tracksuit pants, athletic jackets, jerseys, and chunky sneakers.


Being a baddie doesn’t require expensive, opulent attire and accessories. Along with maintaining an optimistic and self-assured mindset, the following low-cost advice will help you turn into a badass:

  • Visit the secondhand store to uncover some incredible bargains. There can be a ton of in-demand basics available in decent condition.
  • Repurpose your old clothes to create stylish items. Try using crop tops from sweatshirts, shorts from jeans, and cutout tops from dresses as skirts.
  • Take care of your own grooming. To save money, learn how to perform your own skin, nail, and hair treatments instead of paying hundreds of dollars for them.
  • Look for cheaper alternatives to high-end makeup items for your edgy appearance. Some cosmetics from the drugstore are just as effective.
  • To save money and effort, think about investing in custom clothing rather than squandering a lot of money on off-the-rack items that might not fit you perfectly. This is particularly true for blazers, coats, and jackets.
  • Benefit from the annual discounts, when you can get apparel, shoes, accessories, and makeup at discounted costs.


Any style or season can be used to produce baddi looks. You can look like the stylish Instagram bad boys whether you’re working, going out on the town, or wearing streetwear. Try these suggestions for badie outfits to see how you can suddenly transform into a bad guy.


Spring is the perfect season to play around with hues and patterns and combine your tough-guy aesthetic with must-have spring pieces.

  • Our first springtime outfit for the baddie look consists of a cropped cable knit cardigan in a contrasting hue worn over a printed silk bodycon dress. Add chunky sneakers and hooped earrings to complete the ensemble. 
  • To channel the opulent badie aesthetic, pair a pastel tie-die tracksuit with gold and pink sneakers. Wear a white fanny pack to complete the ensemble.
  • Wear a cropped puffer jacket and a front tie top over shimmering gold jogger trousers. Add some white combat boots to complete the look.
  • Wear sheer leggings and a checkered skirt with a baddie flowery shirt.


Embrace your inner badass on a warm day by dressing like any of these stylish baddies:

  • Wearing a pastel bodysuit with leggings and a denim skirt will hug your curves and show off your baddie style sense. Chunky sneakers would look great with this ensemble.
  • On a sweltering day, a purple crop top and grey high waisted ripped jeans are an easy way to look badass. Complete the look with strappy heels.
  • For an edgy appearance, pair knee-high boots with a gold chain belt and an oversized white t-shirt dress.
  • Wear your short leggings in a badie manner with black combat boots and an oversized graphic t-shirt.
  • A black miniskirt tucked into a sky blue halter neck top and fishnet stockings would make for a stylish summer ensemble in the baddie style. This look would look great with high-heeled boots.


With warm leggings and boots teamed with toasty sweaters and turtlenecks, fall is the perfect season to embrace your inner style queen. Here are some ideas for looking fierce on a casual autumn day:

  • Wear a light blue pair of boyfriend-style jeans with a white crop top. To complete the ensemble, put on an oversized black leather jacket and pair of brown ankle boots.
  • A long-sleeved shirtdress is a great way to put together an autumnal ensemble. All you have to do is wear it with high-top cowboy boots, a sweater vest in a contrasting color, and leggings. To give off a badass aura, make sure your hair game is solid.
  • Pair a faux leather leggings with a cropped sweater, then top the ensemble with an opulent puffer coat.
  • On a fall day, matching separates like joggers and a burnt orange sweater look great. Add a crossbody bag and white sneakers to complete the look.


No matter how chilly it gets, look hot by stocking up on badie basics. Make use of the cold and apply a lot of makeup to look like the terrible guys.

  • For the ideal laid-back look, pair a black hoodie with dark blue cargo style pants. If necessary, add a chic quilted coat on top, and go for black combat boots as your footwear.
  • To look voguish and edgy, pair slim jeans with a denim shirt and a brown leather motorcycle jacket. With a pair of brown leather boots, complete this ensemble.
  • Wearing a big fur coat on top of a fitted turtleneck and a corduroy jumpsuit is another badass winter look that will make you look amazing. To finish the style, add shoes, a belted purse, and a matching beanie as accessories.


The baddie aesthetic spread to other combined aesthetics and subgenres due to its widespread appeal and millions of devotees. You can combine elements of different aesthetics with your knowledge of how to be a badass. Among them are:



Many ladies choose clothing that combines elements of both the badie and gentle girl looks. In essence, a soft baddie is someone who exudes style and confidence while also possessing a strong tender side.

Soft, pastel colors, a penchant for warm knit clothing, and a makeup style that combines elements of both the baddie and softcore appearances can all be seen in outfits that resemble the baddie mainstays.


As the name suggests, super-wealthy Instagram models, A-list celebs, and music stars—including Cardi B, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Saweetie—adopt this look. They enjoy donning priceless jewels, opulent designer clothing, opulent accessories with fur and diamond accents, and stunning makeup looks that complement their ensembles.


Drugstore queen, as opposed to opulent baddie girls, takes the baddie trend on a more affordable note. These are primarily those who have just adopted the style and are eager to imitate the ideal looks while staying within their means. They design their clothes largely from inexpensive and thrifted clothing, and they do their own hair, makeup, and nails.

Retro/vintage BADDIE

Retro and vintage badies use a lot of 80s and 90s fashion trends into their looks, like skater or hip hop aspects. Baddies with a nod to the past don essentials like cargo pants, flannel shirts, vintage tees, jewelry, and accessories to create a baddie vibe.


Our wardrobes feature ripped, baggy jeans, leather jackets, combat boots, and flannels, all combined with a baddie vibe. Unlike the carefree, chaotic appearance of the grunge aesthetic, baddies prioritize impeccable hair and makeup, thus the grunge flavor is restricted to apparel and fitting.


Many 2000s-era apparel and accessory trends are making a comeback thanks to the Y2K fashion trend combined with the baddie movement. These consist of gaudy jewelry, vibrant makeup, and low-rise pants and skirts. These two aesthetics together are currently trending on social media.



On social media, a baddie can be easily identified by her ability to create faultless appearances with chic, figure-hugging clothing, flawless makeup, and chic accessories. She frequently used statement rings, hooped earrings, and hair clips to look glam. Her nails and hair were always done to perfection.


A social media influencer who dresses to kill in form-fitting ensembles or voguishly oversized apparel is known as a baddie. These ladies always appear flawless, concentrate on cutting-edge cosmetic techniques, and use the power of accessories to elevate their grooming game. On Tiktok, Youtube, and Instagram, baddies share breathtaking looks that gain them a tonne of fans.


Try displaying your love of the goth subculture in your baddie appearance if you’re a baddie with a propensity for it. Consider wearing dark lipstick, black fishnet tights, smokey eyes, and black period attire. Wearing silhouettes like to a bad-die and utilizing dark, gothic components in accessories and makeup can teach you how to pull off a gothic-inspired baddie look.


It will work wonders to show your coworkers your boss-babe side when you’re at work. Maintain a self-assured, assured manner. To look perfect, use matching heels, skirts with collared shirts, and well-fitting pantsuits. Make sure your cosmetics are appropriate and not overly dramatic for the workplace. 


Being a badass mostly comes from the inside out as, with the correct mindset, you can rock any look for makeup and clothing. With the right pieces of apparel, accessories, and cosmetics, you too may become the next big thing on social media. Getting used to this look is not too difficult, especially after we have outlined the aesthetic so you can fully comprehend what it means to be a badass.