Using strikethrough discord : Step-By-Step Guide

Using strikethrough discord : Step-By-Step Guide

Discord gives you the authority to control the texts you send. This entails having the ability to format your text using underlining, bolding, and italics. Additionally, you have the option to strikethrough your text, which will result in a line through it. With the help of this fantastic gadget, you can have clearer conversations with the person on the other end. Let’s discuss how to use Discord’s strikethrough text feature.

How to strikethrough discord to highlight text

Text can be usefully crossed out in a variety of scenarios. You can change the message and strikethrough that content, for instance, if you need to go back and delete anything you typed previously.

Messages you alter or remove will also show up as notifications if a Discord server has a bot configured to monitor activity. This can come across as suspicious, which could draw unwelcome attention to you. Crossing out a text message is sometimes the best option if you don’t want to erase it.

Work Station

  • First You can start typing a message in a Discord server or a direct messaging thread. You should format this content as strikethrough.
  • The next step is to emphasize the words in your writing. Above your text, a small pop-up toolbar will immediately appear. Click the button that resembles a letter S with a line across it. The strikethrough button is located here.
  • Next your text will alter in the input area after you press the strikethrough button. Each end of it will have two tildes. This is the format for strikethrough text.
  • Finally that message will be crossed out when you send it.

On iOS & Android

Strikethrough text formatting on the Discord mobile app is quite simple. Nevertheless, the two tildes on either end of the text you wish to cross out must be manually entered.

1: While utilizing  the Discord mobile app, type your message. There must be two tildes on either side of this message.

2: Next you won’t be able to see a preview of your writing with a line through it as you can with the desktop app. The message will appear styled as strikethrough text until it is sent.


  • English (US): Shift + `
  • English (UK): Shift + #
  • English (Canada/Australia): Shift + `
  • Spanish (Latin America): Alt Gr + +
  • Portuguese: and then space
  • German: Alt Gr +
  • French (France): Alt Gr + é and then space / Alt Gr + éé Option + n (on Mac OS X)
  • Turkish: Alt Gr ü and then space / Alt Gr üü 
  • Arabic: Shift + `ذّ
  • Hebrew: Shift ~