90s Fashion: We’re Still Focused on These Trends

90s Fashion: We’re Still Focused on These Trends

Kids born in the 90s will recall these formerly in-vogue looks that, spoiler alert, some of them haven’t perished.

During the 90s fashion, it was all the rage to wear slip dresses, bomber jackets, scrunchies, and plaid flannel shirts. Many of these fashions are making a comeback, even if some of these items may have never left your wardrobe. We’ve selected some of the greatest 90s fashion styles for all you sentimental ’90s babies out there, which will take you straight back to the height of grunge, hip hop, and bubblegum pop.

Celebrities from the 90s, such as Halle Berry, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez, and Nia Long, added their most fashionable looks to everyday activities and red carpets. Not to mention, they had incredible 90s haircuts and cosmetics looks.

Our collection includes some of the most sought-after looks of the decade, including leopard prints, casual overalls, sensual slip dresses, crop tops, and swirl and groovy patterns (many of which you may just be inspired to copy!). In case you’re looking through this roundup for ideas for a Halloween costume this year, you should also have a look at our selection of incredibly stylish and modern 90s fashion costumes.

Slip Dresses Of 90s Fashion

This black slip dress was worn by actress Halle Berry to the 1995 Ninth Annual Soul Train Awards. Regardless of the decade you’re wearing it in, this basic style is sophisticated and seductive.

Plaid Flannel Shirts Of 90s Fashion

In the 90s, it seemed like everyone was dressed in plaid flannel shirts, from Kurt Cobain to Screech on Saved by the Bell. If you’re dying to replicate the comfortable, laid-back look, flannels are now widely available at clothes retailers and vintage stores.

Plaid Skirts Of 90s Fashion

Skirts with plaid were not limited to school attire! As seen by Sarah Jessica Parker’s ensemble, which included a blue poncho and scarlet heels, long plaid skirts were very popular in the 90s.

denim skirt
90s fashion

Horizontal-Striped Shirts Of 90s Fashion

Neon-colored striped shirts were a popular street style item, as seen in this green and yellow combination worn by Will Smith, star of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. They’re still a great way to liven up your outfit with some color.

Overalls From 90s Fashion

Actress Alyssa Milano attended the 1997 premiere of The Lost World: Jurassic Park wearing black overalls. Even though it’s casual, this ensemble is still a wonderful choice to wear if you want to look cute but are in a hurry.

Board Shorts Of 90s Fashion

You didn’t have to be a surfer to wear board shorts in the 90s. An example would be the black pair that rapper and actor Bobby Brown wore for a laid-back going-out ensemble. Look into products with vibrant patterns if you want to revive this style.

Swirl Patterns Of 90s Fashion

Swirl designs are still popular, particularly on flared pants like Brandy’s striking ensemble from the 1997 24th Annual American Music Awards.

Faux Fur Coats Of 90s Fashion

Vibrant imitation fur coats were a major feature of ’90s fashion. They’ll keep you toasty in the winter and add a bit of edge to your ensemble, à la Usher’s all-yellow ensemble from the Ninth Annual Billboard Music Awards.

Crops Shirts Of 90s Fashion

With good reason, crop tops are still in style. They can provide length to people with shorter torsos and accentuate the stomach for a sassy touch. One of the best examples is Janet Jackson’s appearance at the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards.

Pleater Outfits of 90s Fashion

Plether skirts and dresses were incredibly popular in the 90s. Nia Long demonstrated that this material can be styled in ways more than just coats when she wore this sleek and sparkling dress to the 1998 VH1 Fashion Awards. This year, pleather has been making a comeback as a style for tops, skirts, and bottoms.

Tie Dye of 90s Fashion

There are tons of ways to wear tie-dye now that it’s back! Destiny’s Child’s synchronized ensemble from the 90s was among the many vibrant tie-dye hats, oversized t-shirts, and gowns that adorned the fashion scene.

Velvet Suits Of 90s Fashion

Gwyneth Paltrow attended the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards wearing a velvet red outfit. The fabric is a simple yet elegant method to give your business attire a facelift.

Bandana Headbands Of 90s Fashion

In the 90s, especially in the world of hip-hop fashion, wearing your bandana in harmony with your outfit of the day was the height of style.

Sequins Of 90s Fashion

In the 90s, anything with a high sheen, from sparkly hair accessories and skirts to sequin blouses and slacks, was a showstopper. Adapt a look from Michael Jackson and make a statement on a particular event by using the sparkling cloth.

Colored Sunglasses Of 90s Fashion

Any outfit looks great with this stylish sunglass trend, especially if you have a variety of colors to pick from.

Layered Clothing Of 90s fashion

Naomi Campbell’s Versace dress is a stunning illustration of the layered look. An elegant silk gown tucked into a large sweater is the ideal fall ensemble.

Sheer Fabric Of 90 Fashion

The 90s were ruled by the sheer trend. Even now, see-through materials like mesh and lace are just as bold and eye-catching.

Leopard Print Of 90s Fashion

Because of its stylish and fun look, leopard-print clothing was seen on everything from jackets and dresses to hats and blouses.

Track Suit Of 90s Fashion

Whitney Houston made a lasting impression at Super Bowl XV in 90s while sporting a white tracksuit.

Croset Tops Of 90s Fashion

In the 90s, Emma Bunton, sometimes known as Baby Spice from the Spice Girls, donned a pink and black lace corset.